Using Process Key Performer Indicators to Measure Performance

Observing that each construction project has its own unique set of conditions that need to be monitored as the project progresses, a recent study conducted by Dodge Data & Analytics for Autodesk asked more than 200 U.S. general contractors (GCs) and specialty trade contractors how frequently they engage in six categories of process key performance indicators (KPIs): construction documents, requests for information (RFIs), change orders, schedule, safety/inspections, productivity, and quality/close-out.

The results showed that while 59% of respondents said they log RFIs most of the time, only 25% reported that they frequently record errors, omissions, and/or constructability issues found in bid set documents; and just one-third said they formally compare either document problems or RFIs to their past projects.

The study also found that while a full 96% respondents said they document change orders some of the time, only 47% indicated they do so frequently.

Moreover, just 46% said they routinely capture root causes of change orders, and only 39% said they frequently evaluate the schedule impact of change orders.

When asked about schedules, 66% of the GCs surveyed said they bear added costs from overtime/second shift on at least a quarter of their projects, and half reported having to extend the end date frequently.

Nearly 70% of the GCs polled reported using software to manage safety and/or inspections during construction on at least 25% of their projects, with two-thirds of the users saying it provides high or very high value. When the GCs were asked to identify productivity killers, the leading responses were coordination, communication, quality of construction documents, and schedule management.

In addition, the study found that almost 70% of GCs use technology to manage punch list/close-out activities on at least 25% of their projects.

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